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Automatic Loading Cay



This automatic plant is used for the management of the large quantity of products to stretch and distribute to other machines. Iannello Inox’s  CAY plant permits to load, cut, transport, weigh and measure out large quantity of curd directly to cookers and the possibility to manage dosage of other products beside curd.



The management of the plant permits to control the different weights of incoming/outgoing products, data are recorded on PLC and then sent to external drives.  


Brushing machines for cheese


This machine has been developed and built for dry brushing or washing with water and oiling cheeses through brushes which work all over  the surface of cheese and let it rotate.


The activation of  ejector occurs through a mechanical pedal  which pushes the cheese in the same initial position.


All metal parts of the brushing machine are made in  stainless steel, in order to satisfy food laws and to ensure a perfect hygiene and the long-life materials of the machine. 


Cooling for Cherry - Orecchiette


Plant of moulding, cooling and transport of products like: cherry, orecchiette, etc. 



This particular transport system works with the force of the water to transport delicately the product towards the desired machine.


The company sizes the plant according to customer’s requirements and offers its know-how during customer’s development phase and stage of growth.


Our technicians are ever available as far as remote assistance on                                                                           the plant. 


Curd pouring pump



Curd- dragging  pump made in stainless steel AISI 304. The whole curd dragging occurs through a special electronic  system which permits to increase and reduce the speed  of sending from the command panel. 



This is good to transfer curd or other thick or solid products without altering organoleptic characteristics or desired geometry

The production of pearls





Mould for the production of pearl with a cooling system.


The possibility to realize moulds of different geometric shapes.


We create together with our customer new shapes of products. 



The production of medaglioni




Mould for the production of pearls with a cooling system.


The possibility to realize  moulds of  different geometric shapes.


We create together with our customer new shapes of products.




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