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The production of  Scamorza - Spaghetti and  String Cheese


The company thinks, planes and builds complete lines for the stretching of pasta filata cheeses 

with an high, medium and low degree of humidity and automatic moulding in different sizes (scamorza, string and stick cheese,  and so on). The plants are sized according to the production capacity of customer.


 - Continuous stretching machine for traditional working ( with productions from 500 to 2000 Kg/h) complete with::

   Processing chamber of pre- stretching with double augers

   Processing chamber

   Preparer for hot water 

   Vat for discharge of stretching water

 - Steam cooker machine for industrial production  ( with productions from 500 to 2000 Kg/h) complete with:


   Steam injectors  

   Double augers

   Automatic inlet of water 

   Automatic discharge

   Maximum yields

- Automatic moulding machine  available in various models

- Cooling system 

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