Technical Assistance Service

 Our experience at your service.


Thanks to our technical services, we are able to answer quickly and efficiently all your needs. 

Our deep know-how, based on years of experience in this sector, give us the possibility to think not only about product, but also about the whole project.

Our services  are thought to support all the production cycle.


Telephone assistance: instant and qualified responses.

It has been thought to be the first interface towards the customer. 

We are  able to face the customer's problems in a fast and simple way.

Put you trust in our technicians both for pre and post-sale phase, they can help you to choose the best product suitable on your needs. 


External technical service: the certainty to have an excellent service


The increase of product complexity  and their good management, could create problems which are not simple to face for customers. For this reason we offer our knowledge on the job. 

If you choose us, you’ll have a qualified partner for the performance of such service, like: installation, commissioning and functional tests of products. In this way you have the certainty to have a good service,  with maximum performance. 





When you require assistance at the company, we  start immediately to resolve the problem in short time, reducing the downtimes of machine.  



We offer the assistance system with a remote connection.


The equipment and plants of Iannello Inox are equipped with remote connection, which permit our technicians to intervene anywhere in the world, directly from our offices. 


We offer a consulting service at 360 degrees. 

We support our customers in the product process, giving advices about the best methods to use for the transformation of milk and milk derivatives. 

We offer, also, a professional training of your staff for the transformation process and manufacturing of dairy-industry, obtaining a personalized knowledge according to your needs.