We produce stainless steel tanks  in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.


Our wide range of models include: tanks with simple wall, storage tanks , cooling tanks  and isothermal tanks  which stand  on feet or base. We offer tanks with different configurations according to the customer’s requirements:

  • Door with inferior manhole and front quick opening
  • Stainless steel washing ball  
  • Vent valve appropriately sized
  • Anti-foam load
  • Drain appropriately sized
  • Dial thermometer  
  • Floating level indicator
  • Volumetric measuring devices 
  • Take a sample
  • Electro-agitator with crankshaft and  stainless steel  shaft of agitation
  • Truncated, conical or flat bottom.
  • They are covered in stainless steel sheet metal with a flowered satin finish, hand finishing and  components of main brands, all properties which make our  products the most reliable in the market.


Isothermal Tanks


Tanks suitable for the transport of liquid food. Made entirely in stainless steel AISI 304,  we design tanks exclusively for  food grade products.


They are mounted on vehicles of different sizes and models. Thanks to  a wide range of accessories is possible to choose their own configuration; like: watertight compartments, automatic systems, catwalks, etc. 


All tanks are sized and built in accordance with health and hygiene rules and have been adapted to the A.T.P standards.



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