Pasteurizing treatment consists of submitting milk or other liquids to a thermal shock, in order to  destroy a great part of bacteria. This process allows a longer shelf life of such products.



These treatments are performed using IANNELLO INOX’s pasteurization plants. Manufactured in 304 AISI stainless steel or superior. They are equipped with plate heat exchanger or tubulars according to the type of application.

Technology adopted by Iannello Inox company allows to optimize and save energy consumptions, thanks to a thermal recovery system.



Pasteurizers, made according to customer needs, are used both for the pasteurization of milk and  the treatment of brines, milk to drink, milk for the transformation of cheeses, creams, yoghurt, and other products. 




Tube or plate preheater made in stainless steel. Good for the preheating/ heating of liquid foods 4C°-90C°.


The machine is adequately sized according to the type of product and customer’s working temperatures. 


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